Some of the case studies of past commissions we have worked on

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Crash Helmet for Muck N Brass


We were approached by Muck N Brass & Upcycling Hour who are a prominent figures in the upcycling world to ask if we would take on a project for the MIND charity.

We were sent a GANT 'display only' crash helmet with a brief to turn it into something new. We had free artistic control over this project, we ensured it was given the Albert & Edward touch and everyone was truly happy with the final product.

The crash helmet will be auctioned off globally with all the proceeds going to the charity MIND.

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1910 Kodascope Movie Projector

This was a commission for a young couple who had found this item at a local bootfair. They had seen me at the Festival of Steam in Chatham Dockyard and had contacted me to ask if we would upcycle the 1910 Kodascope projector for them. 

We sympathetically upcycled it by putting a new light inside the body of the projector, where the original light would have been, this illuminated the inside and another lamp on the top to make a feature of it. 

We loved making this so much and we asked the couple if we could buy it off them, but they said 'no', however, we have since tracked one down and it’s awaiting to be upcycled. 

Railway Signalman Lamp

We were attending an event at Wilton Music Hall, Whitechapel, London and were approached by a young couple about undertaking a commission for them.

The railway lamp belonged to lady's late Grandfather and it was her Sunday job to clean and polish it. When the Grandfather passed way it was handed down to her, it was at this point she contacted Albert & Edward to ask if we would illuminate it so she could remember her Grandfather.

We undertook a sympathetic restoration approach, we gave it a light clean and polish and we illuminated the inside with a period bulb.

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Sewing Machine

We were contacted, via Instagram, with an enquiry about upcycling a vintage Singer Sewing machine. The Singer Sewing machine used to belong to the client's late mum and as he knew he would never use it he wanted to have it on display.

We turned the base into a light box which gave an amazing glow in the evening and we added a bulb to the top. The client loved it.